How to Select Dresses for Rectangle Shaped Body

Are you really confused about your body shape and how to dress in the best way possible to get an impressive look? Then you are at the right place. Here we’ll discuss the body shape you have and how you need to dress to look extraordinarily striking.

How to Select Dresses for Rectangle Shaped Body

If you notice that your bust is relatively smaller that the hips and the waist is really awesome to give a little show off kind of thing, you have a rectangle shape body. This is sometimes also compared to a triangle. Lean from above, goes broader below. Generally, people with a pear shape body tend to accumulate fat first in the bottoms and legs, followed by tummy and upper body parts. The neck is quite elegant and the arms and shoulders are in proportion. Your big booties and slim waist can do wonders if you dress up really well with respect to your body. Gone are the days when females with such curves and plumps at the right place used to hide it. With Beyoncé and K. Kardashian, the trend is on the top to look sexier and hotter with your conspicuous and curvy look. So, if you have got it, flaunt it.

Now the main issue is how to select a perfect dress for a shape body. To get the best look for your slim waist and little wider hips, you need to dress up like a pro. You need to enhance your upper body or rather you have to give an illusion of added volume there. The waist needs to be highlighted of course being the biggest asset. This will give a proper shape like an hourglass – one perfect figure anyone could have. Get your wardrobe filled with slim fitted, button down shirts or cardigans. Since the main aim is to bring to light the torso region, choose bright and vibrant colors. The pattern could be big prints with bold colors so that the chest area seems wider that it actually is. Off-shoulders, wide and deep V or U necks would be best fitted for the pear-shaped body.

You can also opt to A-line dresses, since the main purpose of them is to slim down the lower body, emphasizing much on the upper parts. If you are wearing jackets or coats, then try to gear yourself up with those that finish either above or below the widest point of your bottom just like the tops. The sleeves can be made in such a way that give broader look by having shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, cap sleeve t-shirts or boleros. For the upper portion or the torso, these are considered best dresses for pear shaped body.

For wearing skirts and pants, you need to be more precise towards getting those with wide hems. The wider hems give a proportionate look and is considered as one of the best dresses for pear shaped body, making you look visually balanced.

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